East Pokot Project

Mt Paka East Pokot church.jpg

The Village of Chepungus 

Chepungus sits almost directly on the equator in north central Kenya at an elevation of 3875 feet on the south slope of Mt. Paka, an extinct volcano.   I have planted a church which is steadily growing. 

I am currently working with several great churches and ministries to drill this particular village a well.  Once that is complete I plan to continue to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached tribes in the East Pokot region and continue drilling wells.

Coordinates for the village where I stay in East Pokot. GPS: N 00 52′ 17.8″ E 036 11’11.0″ www.googleearth.com

The Fruit of Our Labor

  • We are currently drilling a well for the people of Chepungus

  • We Established a church

  • The Jesus Film has been shown in the Pokot language which yielded nearly 100 salvations

  • We have gained trust to discuss the risk of FGM among their young girls

  • We have scheduled and educational seminar to educate on the laws and dangers of FGM

  • We have distributed 50 audio Bibles in the Pokot language (This particular tribe does not read or write)

History of this region

In the 19th century, the colonial powers, first Germany and then England, ignored this part of Kenya with its arid climate, thorn bushes, hyenas, and occasional acacia tree. The Pokot, and further north, Samburu tribes were essentially left undisturbed during the colonial periods, which explains much of the lack of infrastructure there that the Brits brought to other parts of Kenya. The Kikuyu, the dominate Kenyan tribal group, inherited the colonial infrastructure and has little motivation to spend scarce funds for a people group that hardly votes. Their remote location and the depth of local water sources with its associated high extraction cost virtually assures that nothing will be done to solve this situation in our lifetime by the national government.

Water Conditions Among the People of Chepungus