Rescuing Girls from FGM and Early Forced Childhood Marriage


We provide hope and a home for the girl child who is subjected to a lot of maltreatment, oppression and discrimination.

Our goal is to reduce the physical pain, loss of life, emotional and psychological torture experienced by girls and women in Kenya. Our vision is to empower the girl child and women  to uplift their own living standards, raise healthy families and participate positively in nation building.

The Girls

The girls we help are destined for a life of being forced into early marriage, girls who are forced into Female Genital Mutilation or female circumcision, school drop outs, girls who are victims of domestic violence, girls who are victims of physical abuse and girls who are victims of incest.  Please read more about Female Genital Mutilation on   (Warning-explicit in content) but real life for these girls.  I encourage you to imagine your 15 year of daughter being force into marriage as a 5th wife to a 50-70 year old man without any say in the arranged marriage for a predetermined dowry of goats, camels or cows. She is then taken to an elderly woman to have her genitals cut off without any anesthesia.  She is cut with a razor blade, piece of glass or knife sharpened on a stone and has been used on other girls for years without any sterilization. If she doesn’t die from the loss of blood, trauma or infection, she is in such pain that she wishes she were dead. As the only medication administered is some goat or sheep fat to her wound. She is kept alone in a special house and is brought food and water until she is healed.  Usually 3 months depending on the severity of the cuts.

After she is healed, she is checked by the women to make sure everything is healed properly.  If the circumciser did not do the job properly and parts were left, the girl will have to undergo correction. Sometime the circumciser is an old lady with cataracts and can’t see well. If the girl has healed but now before her wedding night, due to healing and scarring too much, the ladies will use a cow horn on her to enlarge the opening of her vagina for her husband to be able to have intercourse. Need I tell you how much pain is involved here??  Need I mention that she will NEVER be able to enjoy sex as God had ordained. You may ask why do the girls let them do this? Many times, in their village, they don’t know anything different. It’s what they are told and believe has to be done in order to become a woman and have babies.  Some girls that are now going to school is learning the dangerous effects and lies about FGM and are refusing it. This is where you can help! These girls are running away in the middle of the night after being told they are going to be married. They hear about me or another home.

You see, I don’t go take any girls. She comes on her own free will. She wants a life apart from slavery and baby maker and wants to go to school, become an educated and independent woman hoping one day to return to her family and help them and other girls. But, she needs a place to live, a place to attend school, a place to heal, a place to be loved. These are the least helped girls in Africa. There are lots of orphanages, churches, places for street children. These are needed and wonderful. But, we also need a home for these girls.

Desert Rose Ministries would love to build a home for these girls and a vocational school. You see, not all the girls are going to be able to go to college even with high school education. Maybe they don’t have a sponsor to pay for it or they have not made well enough grades to get into college. We still need to provide them with a trade to make a living or they are no better off then before. Each girl does need a sponsor to pay for her normal living requirements. Food, room & board, school, medical care, clothes, etc. Won’t you consider changing and saving one of these precious girls life? Become a part of  Desert Rose Girls Rescue.  All donations are tax deductible. You will be blessed and will be saving a life. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to talk to you more about helping these girls.

Video footage of the historic conversation between Teresa June and the Pokot of Chepungus to eradicate FGM from their practices