Rescuing Girls &
Reaching the Unreached


Welcome to Desert Rose Ministries

Hello, and thank you for coming to my website! I’m honored to share with you the several projects I’m working on in Kenya. God has done amazing things through this little Southern Girl, but there is much work still to be done. My current focus is working with young girls that escape early forced marriage and FGM. I am also working on drilling a well in East Pokot for an unreached pocket of the Pokot tribe that doesn’t have access to clean water.

FGM (female genital mutilation) is a barbaric practice that leaves young girls literally scarred for life. I help find sponsors to put the girls through school. I have so much more to tell you about my girls but just briefly, the reason the girls want to be educated is so they can return home and produce an income for the very people who were going to sell them off.

The mainly unreached Pokot tribe in the East Pokot region of Kenya have also found a special place in my heart. I stumbled across these amazing people while ministering in a girls rescue home in Ngyaing. They are literally a pocket of people who have no modern knowledge of the world at all. They are one of the least reached tribes in Kenya. They live in stick and mud huts and until my recent trip to take them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they had never heard the good news of what Jesus did for us. Most of them had never even heard of Jesus. Also, this makes me a 1% er. That means, only 1% of the missionaries are doing what I do. Truly going into unreached pockets of people to demonstrate and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I understand why. It’s hard work! Thank-God for my backpacking skills.

I never would have believed God would one day use my skills as a backpacker to accomplish His mission. It’s a great honor to have an opportunity to continue reaching the unreached in the East Pokot region and more of Kenya. Please consider becoming a partner with Desert Rose Ministries to help me continue to Touch the Untouched and Reach the Unreached with the love of Christ.