A Day at the Dump

Pastor Sammie Nwali took Chelsea and I to the Nakuru dump where he’s started a youth group. There are about 15 kids in Pastor Sammie’s youth group, all high school grads. There are now faced with what to do with their lives now. A couple of them Pastor Sammie has supported to go to college, while the others are still hoping, praying, and working towards their college goals. Each one of them want to give back to their community, so they’ve started raising money for a small bakery they will all work together and run. Pastor Sammie donated an oven for them to get started on their bakery but they just needed to raise $30 to transport the oven to their bakery. Chelsea and I donated the money they needed for transportation of the oven so they could get started. Great things are going to come out of these kids! Please send them your thoughts and prayers!

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June