Another girls rescued and I have a new family in Radcliff, KY

I got a new family!  Pastor Gary Summers and his wife Martha have a home church and invited me to come and speak. They made me feel like family. The church members who were present were the most welcoming, warm and friendly people. The ladies of the church have committed to me to pray for me every Monday evening at their prayer meeting. That means so much! I will know that at that time, I can count on their prayers. Sometimes on the other side of the world, alone on the mission field in Kenya, I can feel forgotten and wonder if there is anyone is thinking about me. I thank God for these ladies for their commitment to pray for me each Monday. I will always know that on Monday evening, I am being remembered and being lifted up in prayer. Also, this small home church has committed to sponsor a Cana Rescue Girl for $40.00 each month! I am so thankful that another girl has a chance to have a life of her own thanks to Pst. Gary and Martha Summers and their church members. I can’t wait to see them again, but until then, I am going to call them via Skype sometime after I’m back in Kenya so we can stay in touch.

Teresa June EstesComment