Back home from Nairobi and off to Paka.

I caught the bus to Nairobi yesterday so I could meet up with the team going to work the medical clinic for Kenya Relief.  Lots of  New York  ENT doctors and nurses mostly.  But my BFF, Devry Coghlan from AL is also a team member along with Darin Miller, both from Cove United Methodist Church in Hampton Cove, AL.   Even though I am not working with Kenya Relief this time, I could not let my friends come to Kenya and me not see them. Devry and I shared a room at the hotel and I got to “tuck her in” as she had never used a mosquito net before. lol! It was a lot of fun and we laughed like school girls. We spent the night and had breakfast and a very brief time with them before they were on their way to Migori, Kenya where Kenya Relief ( is located. It is 7 or 8 hours away from where I live.  Even though our time was brief, I really needed to see them. I am alone probably 98% of the time without American contact, so I really needed to see my friends. At least I could talk normal for a little while. lol!  I have to drop my Southern accent (at least as much as I can) in order for the Kenyans to be able to understand me. Even though many speak English, it is British English. So try to imagine this very Southern lady trying to speak with a British accent. lol! For instance, they drop their r’s. So instead of saying word, you have to say wad. It does get old not being able to speak normal for long periods of time.  Devry brought me a care package of some much needed protein bars. Yea!  I need these when I go to the bush. Eating goat and drinking goat milk gets old. So, I am very grateful to have them.   Please pray for the team as they travel and give medical care to the very needy people in Migori.  I took a taxi from the hotel after the team left  to the bus station, waited for 2 hours before the bus left at 1:00pm. For some reason the usually  3 hour trip took 4 and a half. Then took a tuk-tuk to my house. I really had a great time seeing and spending a little time with my friends but am now home and very tired.  I need a days rest as I am planning a trip to East Pokot this Tuesday.  I will be picking up the Chief from Paka and then we will go and see the new District Commissioner.  The Chief is a government official of a certain area very similar to a mayor and the District Commissioner is similar to being a Governor. So it’s kinda a big deal for me to go and meet him.  I have to inform him of my plans on Mt. Paka and get his permission to continue my work up there.  So, please keep me in your prayers for the DC’s  blessings and favor for me to continue the work of our Lord on Mt. Paka.

Well, this tired missionary is off to get some much needed sleep. Till next post… I am

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June <><

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