Desert Rose Ministries

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Well, I’ve finally selected a name for my ministry. It’s called Desert Rose Ministries.  There is a tree here called the Desert Rose. It’s very beautiful and it grows in places that most anything else can’t. It has beautiful pink blooms on it. The trunk is very sturdy at the base and become delicate and dainty towards the top and then has these

A Desert Rose

beautiful pink blossoms.  It reminds me of the girls I rescue here and the things I go through to do what I do.  Strong sturdy base that has been through so much trouble to survive. But, God brings us through it and we can blossom into what He wants us to become. Beautiful and delicate but always knowing we are anchored in Him.  There are pic coming. Be sure to look at it carefully. You will see and understand why I choose Desert Rose as the name for my ministry here.  Thanks to Pastor Clint Byars of Forward Church in Newnan, GA  and Moses, my team member for suggesting Desert Rose too. You confirmed what Holy Spirit has been telling me.

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June

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