Drilling has begun at God’s Thumbprint on Mt. Paka!

I left Thursday at 7:00am to meet JB Drillers at a town called Marigat. There are 5 big truck and 8 drilling staff. That’s half way to Mt. Paka and the last town before the really rough roads and climb to Paka. After several small problems (fuel filter change, etc.) and one big one, a truck sliding backwards down the mountain for a short distance, and 13 hours later, (did I say it was after dark?) we made it up to the drilling point on God’s Thumbprint on top of Mt. Paka.  So many people were there waiting and cheering! It was one of the most stressful and later one of the happiest days of my life. After setting up a tent city, kitchen, pit latrine and shower we were ready to start.  Drilling began and continued. Everyone was telling me that this was the most remote place they have ever been to and was amazed that I was there and found this place and people. They wanted to know how I found it. I told them that God brought me there. They said it had to be only God because there was no other way I could have gotten there. They were saying I was like missionaries from 100 years ago. I guess I kinda feel that way, because I don’t know of any other missionaries that are doing what I do.  I had to leave yesterday and come back home here in Nakuru. I have to see about getting another Visa extension until my Class E Visa comes through.  I spoke with the driller Kariuki last night after they finished drilling for the evening and they were at 110 meters. They will drill to 220 if necessary. We pray they hit water before that!  I will leave in the morning to go back to Paka and stay awhile. At least until we hit water. This whole project is in God’s hands now. I’ve done all I can do (with His help of course) up to this point. We are just praying they hit water soon. So many people are just standing around watching the drillers praying for their precious water.  I know that God’s love is going to be demonstrated with this well.  Again, thank-you to everyone who has contributed in anyway to make this happen.  Please keep praying for this life giving water for the  people at Mt. Paka.