God Did A Financial Miracle For Me Through Forward Church!!!

Last night, I was lying in bed and praying and crying as I haven’t in a very long time. You see, I was in financial trouble because, Ihad paid several kids school fees, bought school supplies, uniforms, travel expenses and paid partly toward a lady’s surgery she had tohave.  I used my rent money to do this. I have given away my electric bill money twice before when God told me to and He always made sure I had it just before it was due.  I was completely out of money and really had miscalculated what I did have and overdrawn my bank account by $403.00!!!  Yesterday, I walked around the house wondering what I could sell to get some money and thought about calling my brother to see if I could borrow some. I questioned my wisdom about giving too much to those people in need. I really felt that I heard from God to go ahead a give, but it didn’t make sense to give my rent money away.  Even though, I have always said, “You can’t out give God”.  Now, my rent is due and I don’t have the money to pay it. I am beside myself wondering what I am to do and I know I have lost some sponsors recently to some untruths that were told about me to some people in the US.  So, at 10:00 PM last night, I am lying in my bed crying to God, asking for forgiveness if I has done wrong in giving away my money and telling Him I need a miracle. I think I cried myself to sleep. This morning, first thing, I checked my email and found a message that a church has sent me $500.00 via Money Gram!!!!!  I saw that the email was posted at 12:08AM. Just two hours after I am praying for a miracle. God already knew my needs before I was praying about it!!!  He had already spoken to that church to send me the money even before I prayed.  I don’t know why, I still have doubts and get afraid.  After ALL God has done for me.!!  Really, I feel ashamed for doubting and feeling desperate when He has never let me down. Why do I still doubt God??  Will I ever learn to truly trust Him? 

 I really want to thank Pastor Clint  and Sara Byars and all of Forward Church for your love and support. Thank-you for listening and hearing the voice of God and sending me my rent money this month. I am so proud of  Forward Church  in Sharpsburg, GA.  Please know that you are helping so many people here in Kenya with your prayers and support of Desert Rose Ministries.

FYI…I have cried all morning too!  Happy tears of praise and thankfulness.Bless you Forward Church and everyone who supports Desert Rose Ministry!!!

Forever His servant and yours,Teresa JuneDesert Rose Ministries, Kenya, E. Africa

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