God is FAITHFUL!!!

Hey!  Greeting and blessings from Desert Rose Ministries here in Kenya.

It’s been a while since I posted and for that I’m very sorry.  Let me try to explain. I had a wonderful time last month with the Dr. Heather Estopinol and the team from Kenya Relief, but I came back home here in Nakuru very sick. I had 3 rounds of different antibiotics but nothing helped. I have been sick with this virus, cold or whatever it was for far too long.  I think that from not feeling well for so long, I also had some depression too.  I am not prone to that, but I think I had suffered some depression for a couple of weeks. Probably stress from all I need to do and not physically well, contributed to the depression.  Anyway, with prayer and knowing and believing God would heal me and bring me out of this, that is just what He did. Also, I did receive two very encouraging letters from a couple of people who the Holy Spirit must have revealed to them that I was in need of prayer and encouragement. One was a precious e-mail and the other was snail mail. What a wonderful surprise since I only ever get bills in the mail here. Those letters really lifted my spirit and encouraged me. I am grateful to know that someone over there really is thinking of me and praying for me. It can get really lonely here.  I thank God for all the people that pray for me and believe in the mission work here in Kenya. I could not do what I do without you!!!  Praise God for His faithfulness!  I am well and have a good outlook for Desert Rose Ministries.

Today, I had to go to the Immigration Office to see about getting my Visa renewed.  I am always so nervous about it since the time there were some very bad and corrupt men in that office and I was put in a padded cell an interrogated by 5 men.  Thank God, they are no longer in that office and now a wonderful lady now is in there.  Glory to God for getting my Visa renewed for another 3 months!!

I am still planning to do the seminar for the Pokot people on Mt. Paka toward the end of September. I an still trusting God to speak to the hearts of people to help provide the much needed funding to make this life-changing seminar happen. So far, I have only $300.00 pledged. I need at least $1,200.00 more. If you have not seen the video that was posted about the Pokot tribe on Mt. Paka wanting to change their practice of Early Forced Marriage and stop Female Genital Mutilation of the young girls there, please see my previous post. Hundreds if not thousands of young girls will be saved as a result of this seminar!!  Please pray and ask God if you are to help me save these girls and stop the harmful practice of FGM on Paka.  If you want to help, please don’t delay. August if almost over and September will be here soon. I have to make preparations beforehand. I have found 3 Pokot ladies that do the training seminars in the Pokot language. I have to hire them, supply them with the transportation (rent a truck) to get to Paka, and all the food for the two to three days we are there. I will have to feed the whole community on Paka that will come to the teaching. So, as you can see, there is a lot to do. I am trusting God to make this happen and pray that if you are reading this, He speaks to your heart to pray for me and/or help financially with the seminar expenses.  To help with the expenses, just go to the donate button or mail a check to the address at the bottom right hand on the front page of this website.  You can be a part of saving lives here in Kenya with your donation for this seminar. Blessings from Kenya!

His servant and yours,

Teresa June <><

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