God used American Idol tonight to remind me.

OK, I’m just chillin’ here at home and watching American Idol and a girl sang a song  and I just broke down in sobs. Not because she was so good or anything like that.  You see, I’m fighting many battle here right now, and I’m just here alone and believe me, it’s gets lonely here.  Sometime, you don’t hear from anyone from home and you feel, out of sight and out of mind. So, I’m watching American Idol. This girl sang, “Take your candle, Go light the world”.  I broke down in sobs.   It was 1997 and I was having a bar-b-que fundraiser for a short-term mission trip to Kenya. My daughter sang, Take your candle, Go light the World,  during the fundraiser and dedicated it to me.  She actually didn’t even know it, but she commissioned me at that time to become a missionary, full-time.  It changed my life that day and I was never the same.  Tonight, I was feeling down because of the many battles, financial and otherwise.  But God can use anyone or anything. Tonight, He used American Idol to remind me why I’m here.  Thanks, I needed that!  

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June