Hurricane Joaquin!!! Go AWAY!

Can I backpack on the edges of a hurricane???  I’m asking for prayers to turn this hurricane or stop it! I’m supposed to begin my backpacking trip on Sunday, Oct. 4th at Clingman’s Dome in Gatlinburg, TN. I’m watching the weather channel right now. Unless it gets worse, I still believe I’m heading out. I drive on Saturday night and getting a hotel at half-way so I don’t have to drive so far on Sunday. The Smoky Mountains are getting drowned right now through Sunday. I am praying I don’t have to delay my trip. Please pray and speak to this hurricane!

Also, I have just ordered a cheap, 20 degree sleeping bag for $89.98 total. I have a 32 degree down bag now, but if down gets wet, it doesn’t keep you warm and I’m afraid it could get colder before the end of the trip in late October in the mountains. So, I ordered this synthetic 20 degree bag in case. If anyone would like to bless me with this bag, it would be greatly appreciated. It would be a way you could contribute to this trip and your gift is tax-deductible too. : )

Please continue to pray for me and follow me on this trip at:

Thanks for your continued support and prayers,

Teresa June

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