I was taken behind bars and put into a padded room with 4 men!!!

Yes, you read that right. I went to the Kenyan Immigration Office this morning to get a visa extension on my tourist visa while waiting for my long-term visa to come through. I spoke to the man behind the desk and told him what I wanted. After several questions, he told me to wait there and he left and was gone for a while.  He came back for me and told me to come with him.  I had a para-legal with me who has been helping me prepare all the paperwork for the visa application again.  He was told to stay there and couldn’t come with me.  I followed the man to a part of the building with a long hallway.  Then down the hall I came to some metal bars and a gate.  Like in a jail.  I just started praying to myself.  I was taken through the bars and to a room with a big solid wooden door.  I entered inside and there were 3 men inside.  Also, the one who lead my there came inside too.  As I looked around the small room I realized that the walls of this office were heavily padded.  I remember thinking to myself that I should be very afraid but I really had a peace and was not scared.  Crazy, I know. Behind bars, 4 men, myself in a padded room.  I do have to admit, I did look for whips or sticks or something but did not see anything.  I was questioned for quite a while as I sit and 3 men were standing and one sitting.  I just prayed and answered their questions about what I was doing there and accusing me of being there  and not wanting to follow Kenyan laws which of course is not true at all and they knew it. I have done everything I am required to do by Kenyan laws.  They were trying to really intimidate me.  I was a little nervous, but not very.  I knew that I had God’s protection and had nothing to fear as He has promised me in a prophesy before I came to Kenya.  But as it ended up,  they would not give me an extension and now I have to leave Kenya in one month.  I have to leave but I can come back again after a week and get another 3 months until I come to the States in October.  I’m still praying for my long-term visa to come through.  I refuse to pay a bribe.  This all might be a kind of blessing as God can turn around something bad and use it for good.  I really do need a break and could use a vacation.  I am praying about a visit to Holland to visit a friend for a week.  I have to leave East Africa and can come right back. Praying now for God to make the way for me to go.  Anyway, I leave in the morning to go back to Paka to check on the drilling there and pray they hit water soon.  I should only be there 2 or 3 days.  God is in control and I am in His hands.

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June