I'm Back In Kenya

Jambo!!  I am back in Kenya and have brought my new intern, Chelsea Barnard from Prattville, AL.  She is a answered prayer.  I have needed help for so long and she is going to be with me until November.  We will see what God has for us after that but for now, I am so grateful she is here.

I want to back up and post about my trip to South Horr in April.  I was taking 2 of my girls and 1 boy home for their spring break.  It is a two day journey on some of the roughest roads I have ever seen.  Usually I go before the rains begin, but they came early this year.  We drove through many, many large mud holes and lots of miles on muddy roads. There were two very large and deep holes that came up over the hood of my truck and up to the windshield wipers!!!  I had my seat belt off and window down and was ready to bail out and swim. I was terrified because I didn’t know how much deeper we were going!!  Patrick, my driver, didn’t bat and eye and just kept driving.  I was so proud of him and blessed to have such a wonderful driver. Although, I do believe God placed and angel on top of my truck to bring up through. Here are some pics so you can see how deep the water and mud was. BTW, my truck is white. lol

I will be posting more later and more about the trip and some amazing videos and pics. Please remember us in your prayers.  Thank-you for your support.

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June