I’m heading to Paka in the morning!!

I’m packing for Paka again. I can’t wait to go see my Pokot family! We are having a meeting with all the Chiefs, Elders of each community and anyone else who can come about the borehole and what is required from them. They are so excited that “Mama Paka” is coming home. I have been packing camping gear all day and getting my car in order.I can’t wait to use my new Orca hot pink cooler. Keeps cold for a week!! I’m so excited. We packed sandwiches and Cokes in it. It’s A LOT of work. I have to pack for 4 men. My driver, the pastor going with me, the Chief, and my self of course. None of them know how, or what they need or how to pack it, neither do the know what to do with the gear when they get up there with it either..Like taking care of 4 babies. All the food, tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags. chairs, flash lights, bug spray, all the water, dishes, soaps, towels, trash bags, I can go on and on!
Hard work! The Kenyans know nothing of camping, gear and packing.
Pray for us and me!
East Pokot…here I come!!