I’m packing for Paka!

I just finished shopping for supplies and fueling the truck.  Moses and I leave early in the morning for an important meeting with the Chief, the Counselor, the Elders of Paka, the Asst. Chief, the Director of Water Missions International, myself and the person who is claiming the land that was given to me for the well.  We are to decide the rights to the land. There is one person standing in the way of those people on Mt. Paka, getting the water that God wants them to have.  I’m sorry to say, but so many times here in Kenya, when there is a project and it involves money, the vultures land wanting their part. Even if it is something they have no right too. Isn’t that what vultures do? I need your prayers for me to be guided by the Holy Spirit to say and do the right thing.  So much is riding on this meeting. I’m under a lot of pressure right now. But, I know God is the one who directed me to Mt. Paka and provided that they may have water there to demonstrate His love for those people. Please pray Satan to get behind me and out of the way so we can make this happen. Bind him and cast him out and cancel any assignments that he has to keep the gospel off the Mountain. Pray for Moses and myself as we go up the mountain after the meeting to take several jugs of water and some bags of clothes to the people there who are suffering so badly right now. We want to hang out with them and celebrate, build relationships and pray for a couple of days.  I will be breaking in my new tent that was given to me by Russ and Patty Young in Colorado.  Thanks so much!!!  Pray that God release the rains. The heat and drought is so bad. Many thanks to those of you who support me and Desert Rose Ministries already with your prayers and financial gifts. If you are not already a partner and want to be, please click on my donate button and you will be directed to my donation page. I can’t do this alone. And, all gifts are tax deductible. Look for the next blog about how the trip went. We should be back in Nakuru Sunday. If you don’t hear from me by Monday…please someone…send a posse’.  : )

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June