I’ve made the front page of the newspaper!

I’ve made the front page of The Spirit Newspaper out of Savannah, GA.
To read the full article written by Steve Prudhomme. Steve was my tour bus driver when I was in Savannah recently with Tracey Taylor Crane and Caitlin E. Crane. Caitlin tried out for American Idol and I took a tour. Steve asked where I was from. There is began. He said he wrote for the newspaper and wanted to write an article about me and my work in Kenya. Steve made me look really good! What do you think?
Thanks Steve!

See the article here: http://thespiritnewspaper.com/staying-on-the-go-outdoorsy-woman-brings-faith-hope-and-water-to-the-wilds-p8327-1.htm

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June

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