Let the drilling begin!!!

It’s finally here!! Drilling Day on Mt. Paka.. Can I say, ” I’m a little scared”?  I am. I know God has got my back. He lead me to do this, but I feel that all eyes are on me. Churches in the U S, Friends and family, the drillers here, the people on Mt. Paka. I just want to scream and say don’t look at me, look at Him! But I understand, I’m the connection. I’m the crazy muzungu to go up the mountain for the first time and got all this started, with the Holy Spirit’s leading of course. I know God didn’t bring me all this was to let everyone down. I’m really excited. But when this is over. I’m taking a vacation. Lord knows I need it.

Stayed tuned, will let you know what happened when I return from Paka in a few days. Pray we get a gusher!!!

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June