Miracle on Mt. Paka


Ok, I was told I needed to write this and post it. This happens all the time and I don’t think to post it. Miracles should be expected and be such a natural part of our lives. We shouldn’t be shocked if we pray and see something change. Instead, we should be shocked if it doesn’t happen. I expect to see healing when I pray for someone. I just don’t hope and wish for someone to be healed. I expect them to be healed! Isn’t that what the Bible tells us? So, anyway, here is what happened on Mt. Paka last week.

They told me there is someone sick over there and needs me. I got my first aid kit and went to see what I could do. When I got there, there was someone under a blanket, covered up completely from head to toe and I couldn’t see them. But, the blanket was shaking very violently! Actually, it was so violent, I was a little scared of what was under it. I even ask, “Who or what was under the blanket?” They told me it was a man. I asked if I could remove the blanket and see him. They said I could. I pulled the blanket and there was a young man, lying on the ground shaking very violently. I touched his forehead. He was burning up!!! I got my digital thermometer out and put it under his arm. It registered 103.6!! You add a degree if taken under the armpit, so his temp was 104.6. I just guessed he had malaria or typhoid or both. I didn’t have any medications for either.

All I had was some Tylenol and gave him two and left him with several. I told everyone who was standing around him that we had to pray for healing right now and everyone lay hands on him and believe he is healed. I lead them in prayer, took authority over his sickness in Jesus’ name and cursed it and believed he is healed by the blood of Jesus! I knew that’s all I could do for him, we left him and I walked away. In 5-10 mins at the most, people started calling me. Mama! Mama!! Come and see! He is here!! I said who?? The young man is healed!! I turned around and here he comes walking toward me with a BIG smile on his face!! He tells me Jesus has healed me!!! I even know this young man. He is in his 20’s, but he was so sick that I didn’t even recognize him when we were praying for him! I touched his forehead and he was normal. We hugged and gave Jesus all the praise!!! Yes, Jesus still heals! Yes, I gave him 2 Tylenol, but you know it doesn’t work that fast and doesn’t cure. No, Jesus healed this man. Just a normal thing for me here in Kenya and it should be for you too, wherever you are.