Mission Accomplished!!


I have been on another rescue mission and I now can say, “Mission Accomplished”. I had two girls in Isiolo Childrens Home since a year ago Feb. The girls were rescued from early forced marriage and FGM. Saiboku and Dini are their names. Debbie Barrie from Cove Church in Alabama has sponsored Saiboku since that time. There has been some tribal clashes this year and it has become very unsafe for the girls. They even ran away at one point to a nearby church. Another missionary here and myself set out to get the girls and bring them to Nakuru where they will be closer to us as Isiolo is very far away. Recently the childrens home has changed hands and managers. Up until now we have had a good relationship with the home. Now, some dishonest people have taken over the home and would not let us have the girls. Really, they just wanted the sponsoring monies sent for the girls. It happens here unfortunately. We had to get a court order for the girls to be released into our care. Even then he refused to turn the girls over to us. We had to go back to another court, hire a lawyer and get another court order from that place and still he refused! To make a long story short, we ended up with court orders to go with 3 police officers with AK-47’s and physically remove the girls from the home. It was quite scary at times. It took us three days to accomplice this rescue. It was unbelievable the things we went through to get these two girls. I never dreamed I would have to rescue the same girls twice! Yesterday, since the girls only had the clothes on their backs and one didn’t even have shoes, we had to take the girls shopping for everything! I have a very good relationship with a friend of mine who runs a boys home and recently opened a girls home that just opened one month ago. Please read my blog about Sure24 Girls Home. Today, we took the girls to school and their new home at Sure24. We left them safe and very happy.