Mission accomplished again!!!

I am back home from Paka where I held a seminar to educate the Pokot tribe about the dangers of Female Genital Mutilation. I left on Tuesday and met the two ladies who teach the seminar in Pokot and Pastor John Nabair in the town of Marigat. Marigat is the closest town that we could rent a truck to take the them up the mountain. We bought the necessary supplies, food and water for the trip.  My truck was jam packed with tents, sleeping bags, lights, cooking supplies and lots of water.  We stayed at a place half way to Paka and rose early Wed. and left for Paka.  Just before we started up the mountain, we hit a huge mud hole which looked dry on top. I had a new driver with me and was not very experienced in negotiating mud holes and he slowed down half way through and then he let the truck die. Not good!! I was raised driving 4 wheel trucks and playing in mud and I know you maintain your same speed and whatever you do, don’t stop! I pulled my truck down in 4 wheel drive but it was already too late. We just sat there and spun our wheels.  We dug down and was sitting on the frame.  Thank God, we had the rented truck behind us. We only had a very short piece of chain and a little rope. We tried several times to pull it out, but was just too stuck. Then, as I was walking around my truck I stepped on rock and down I went. The pain was so bad that I just laid in the road and rolled in the dirt back and forth for a few mins. I just prayed. “Oh God help me!”  This cannot be happening. Not now. Finally, the pain subsided enough that I let them help me up out of the dirt.  I just prayed for healing and that my ankle not be broken. In a few minutes, I was able to put a little weight on it and walk. Yes, it was still hurting and it still does but I don’t believe anything is broken. I had my hiking stick and used it to help me walk and still do here in the house some.  I guess I sprung it.  Anyway, we took the rented truck back a way to a village and got some guys and a chain to get my truck out of the mud. Finally, after a few hours and  after a lot of tries we were on our way up the mountain. I am hot, hurting and very dirty.  The people were waiting for Mama Paka (that’s what they call me) and the team I was bringing.  The Assistant Chief was also there and they had killed the camel already and starting cooking it. I had bought the camel to feed the 200+ people for the 2 day seminar. We had lunch. Yes, I ate the camel too. I decided if I were buying it I sure was going to try it. Surprisingly, it was very good!  I ate more than just the bite. Then, we started the teaching about FGM. On the second day the Head Chief, Moses came. This was a big honor!  He is the new Chief and never before in all my times of going to Paka has the Head Chief ever came up the mountain. BTW, a Chief is a government official and is educated. He is not a chief as you are probably thinking. I was shocked that after the 2 days of teaching, the Pokot tribe has agreed to stop FGM and start sending their girls to school.  I could not asked or dreamed this would have went this well as it did and was received as well as it was!  Praise God! I believe many lives will be saved and many girls will not suffer the barbaric ritual of Female Genital Mutilation.  I personally want to thank each one of you who has contributed in any way to have made this seminar happen. Either by your prayers, words of encouragement, or financial donations. Thank-you!  They are really requesting a school there on the mountain.  We pray that soon, that will happen too.

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June <><

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