“Out with the old and in with the new.” I think that’s what my Bible tells me.

Well, It’s been too long since I got on here. Wow, I have too much going on to know where to start. I’m having meetings   left and right  regarding the bore hole on top of Paka. I had to fire someone, actually 2 people,  who did not have our vision for the right reasons. The Holy Spirit speaks to me through my stomach when things are not going well with someone. So, I left and it was the right thing to do. Immediately, pain left, demonic oppression was gone too. I felt like an Angel, wanted to fly, but thought I’d better not chance it. So Moses and I laughed all the way home. We drove to East Pokot, 4 1/2 hours there. Then to the DC’s office. He wasn’t there. Then back to Nginyang.  We left Nginyang and drove all the way back home to Nakuru. We made it home in record time. Only 3 1/2 hours. We were supposed to spend the night and go the next morning to take 9-20 litre bottles of water to the people on Paka. We didn’t get to go up there and felt really bad. But, God done what we could not. Moses calles me Rain Mama. It always rains wherever I go and this was no exception. It had not rained since November. That’s why we were taking them the jugs of water. But, there was no one to guide us up the Mtn. But God done something better. He sent them the rains. All over Paka!!!! It rained!   Then God really went to work, bringing the right people to me to work with. I’m so amazed by God! I have no doubt this well is going to be working very soon. I’m dealing with paperwork now. Yuk. But has to be done. Y’all keep in touch and keep praying.

Teresa June EstesComment