Packing for Paka again….I leave on Thursday.

Well, things are getting exciting around here. So here is the big news…..Well drilling will begin in November for the second borehole site. As you know the first site was dry. God sent the world’s most renowned hydro-geologists actually he is the Director of the US Geological Survey Services and I understand he also works for the University of Connecticut.  But in layman terms, Mr. John Lane is the Worlds Best. And, God sent him to my mission project on Mt. Paka to help me to find those people up there water. So, don’t tell me what God can’t do. He send me the world’s best for my little mission project. I know one thing…when He gets through, it won’t be little anymore! Praise God!  I have not yet personally met Mr. Lane as he was here in Kenya and I had gone home to the US for the holidays. But, I hear that he wants to be here for the drilling if he can. I am so excited to just be able to shake his hand and be able to thank him for what he has done in helping up find the water site to drill.  I leave this Thursday to go meet with the DC and Chief, Asst.Chief at the site and then I go up the Mt. to meet with all the Elders and I will spend the night on the mountain with the people there. Mama Paka is coming home. Please keep me in your prayers. There is so much red tape to get done before the drilling starts. I am just so excited it is almost time to drill again!! I will keep you informed of what going on. Stay tuned.

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June <><

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