Posho Mill for Chepungus

The Pokot people of Chepungus on Mt. Paka are greatly rejoicing over their fresh water source! Thank you to those of you who have given toward this life saving resource. I am continuing to assist the people on Mt. Paka become self sufficient by helping them progress.

We need to raise $2500 to purchase a posho mill. A posho mill is used to grind corn into flour with which they make Ugali, which is a staple food throughout Kenya. This mill will enable them to process the little corn they can grow. I currently transport bags of meal on a regular basis, this piece of equipment will go a long way in their progress and save ministry money in the long run, money we can put toward an irrigation system and building for school and church.

Here are 2 photos of me distributing food recently. Praise God for water! Now let’s get them sustainable food resources!

Help me raise $2500 for the Posho Mill, choose the amount you wish to contribute.


The funds for the mill have been raised but you can GIVE HERE to help with our next project.


Teresa June EstesComment