Recent Trip to Paka

Well I’m back from Mount Paka after spending 2 days with my beloved Pokot Tribe. Chelsea thoroughly enjoyed it and fell in love with the Pokot people.

Upon arriving we were greeted by the elders, and sat together and had tea. Men and women do not eat or drink together, this is a huge honor I have earned. I told them about the progress with the well and that we are just waiting for the drilling company to finish their projects in Tanzania so they could go to Mount Paka, and give us a quote to drill deeper.

Mama Paka and Baba on Mt. Paka. He is the first man I met on Mt. Paka. He is now making me a daughter and giving me his family name. What an honor!!! Their family totem is a bee.

After having tea with the elders Chelsea and I went over to visit with the women. (Men and women eat, drink, and gather separately from the men.) We camped at Amuru’s, one of the elders, homestead. The Pokot tribe community are scattered throughout the mountain, they each have homesteads with land, unlike other tribes that are all bunched together. Amuru has 3 wives and one of the wives let us go into her hut, look around, and take some pictures. They also played with our hair, they even thought Chelsea’s was fake so they had to look around.

These are some of the young girls that need sponsors and want to go to school. These are the girls I rescue from Early Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. If you would like to save a life and make a difference in this world to one of these precious ones, please click the donate button!!

The picture below is of a precious boy that offered to me by his mother to take, and give him a better life and send him to school. It is my hope and dream to build a primary school on Mt. Paka. He needs a chance at life. Don’t you think?? With your support to Desert Rose Ministries, him, and all of the children on Mt. Paka can have it. Your support will also help with food, water, and clothes for this community. Please click the donate button to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

One of Amuru’s sons who was a little over a year old had his hand burnt severely and infection had started setting in when Chelsea and I arrived at Mt. Paka. Thank goodness we brought Neosporin and band-aides! We cleaned the baby’s hand off and applied Neosporin and clean dressings, and the next day it looked so much better! We put a clean dressing on it 3 times before we left. This child probably would have a least lost some fingers if not the whole hand or died of infection.

Later that evening there was a very old woman, who was so skinny she looked like a skeleton, drenched in sweat from her 6-8 hour journey to fill up her jug of water and carry it back up the mountain to her homestead…and she walked a little extra ways because she heard I was there and wanted to come greet us. This is one of the projects of Desert Rose Ministries, getting water on this mountain! Women have been known to lose their babies while carrying water up the mountain. Water is a HUGE need on Mount Paka!!

That night a goat was given to us for supper by one of the old women of the tribe. One of the Pokot warriors killed and cooked the goat for us. The process of killing a goat consists of stabbing a goat in the heart, draining the blood in a bowl, drinking the goat blood, then skinning it and cooking it. The reason for drinking the goat blood is for hydration because of the lack of water.

The next day Cheslea and I spent some time with the Pokot women. They showed us their scarring on their backs and stomachs. The Pokot tribe scar themselves as a form of beauty. It was a very cool bonding experience with the women, sharing and laughing about the difference in our cultures.

The last night we were there Chelsea and I taught the women and children, and even one of the warriors, the handclap game we were taught as little girls. We laughed and played for hours. It was a great way to spend our last night. I also teach the children ‘Jesus Loves Me’, they don’t know what they are singing, but they sing it perfectly. These kids are so smart! If they only had a chance to go to school! Please consider supporting Desert Rose Ministries!

All in all it was a VERY successful and amazing trip!

**There was another HUGE, LIFE CHANGING development for the Pokot community that happened while we were there. It’s something I have been working almost 4 years gaining their trust and respect for. I’ll be posting another blog post about how history was made on Mount Paka while we were there! Video and explanation coming soon!