The hurt is too fresh. I can’t do it yet.


In class here at MTI in CO we were going to talk about keeping the Faith in the face of adversity. We are required to watch a movie “Mulgava and the White African, There was some beating up of people, I think some were beaten to death. I had to ask permission to be released from watching that movie. I just couldn’t do it. My hurt is still to fresh for my heart to take that. Kantet was with me for 2 1/2 years before he was beaten to death just outside my house. I had to go to the morgue and identify his very badly beaten and bloodied body. Then I had to bury my friend. He was killed by Mob Justice. His wife Nancy and his baby girl June (yes, after me) still live with me and now she is part of my ministry team there in Kenya. I really miss my dear friend Kantet. It was senseless murder. So I didn’t need a movie to teach me how to keep the faith during adversity. I just lived it recently.

Teresa June EstesComment