You never know what God has planned!

It’s Sunday morning and I am going to walk to church. Last week I found out that a pastor friend of mine has opened a new church within walking distance from me. It’s a beautiful day and I need the exercise. But when time to leave, I feel I’m supposed to drive. Why?? So I drive not knowing why and was a little disappointed as I was looking forward to the walk. But, Holy Spirit is the boss. I get to church as praise and worship has just begun.  I try to slip in unnoticed or a much as the only white face in a full church of blacks can and sit on the back roll.  That only lasted until P&W was over.  

The pastor called me up to sit on the front roll beside him. After announcements, he called me up to the pulpit and proceeded to tell the congregation how we met about 7 years ago and that very day was the day I said I’m coming back to Kenya to stay and be a missionary here. I had totally forgotten that. Then he said  that I had a message today and tell them about my mission work in Kenya. Well, I ended up preaching the Sunday service. Then gave a testimony about my coming to Kenya and what I am doing here. I told them about the bore-hole project on Mt. Paka. I told them I am going on Tuesday to take some clothes and shoes to pass out. They need clothes and shoes so badly! Big kids totally naked. I asked them to pray for me while I’m gone and pray for the pump that is coming from Denmark in a couple of weeks to get through customs without any problems. I prayed over some certain people that requested prayer. It was all good. Now, the young worship leader/youth pastor came up front with a story.  He said he had brought this bag with him today and didn’t understand why.

He pointed to a very large bag over to the side of the church. He said, you see, it filled with clothes that someone had given me and I didn’t know what to do with it. He said he prayed and felt like he was supposed to bring it to church. Maybe one of the ladies would know. But now he knows he was supposed to bring it to give to me to take to the people on Mt. Paka!!  Now, I know why I had to drive the truck to church!  God really does have plans for us that we don’t know yet. We just have to trust Him when He speaks and obey even when it doesn’t make any sense at the time. Praise God! I have some more clothes to take with me to Mt. Paka!  So glad I listened too and drove my truck. It was a big heavy bag!  

Please pray for me while I’m there for a couple of days with my Pokot family on Mt. Paka. And, consider becoming a monthly missions sponsor of Desert Rose Ministries. All gifts are tax deductible. I’ve lost some partners and need to replace them. You will be blessed by Reaching the Unreached and Touching the Untouched with the love of Jesus Christ!

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa-June <><